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Player Housing

Demi Moon

Player Housing & Academics Coordinator

Phone: 605-350-7220


Would you like to host an elite hockey player and become his second family and part of our team?  The Sioux Falls Jr Stampede AAA Tier 1 organization is looking for local families to open their homes and host a Jr Stampede AAA hockey player for the upcoming hockey season.  This practice, called “billeting,” is a long tradition in the Tier 1 hockey world. 

The Sioux Falls Jr Stampede AAA Tier 1 organization is looking for families to provide players with more than just a place to hang their hats at the end of the day.  Being a billet family is an amazing and rewarding experience.  For many players, this will be the first time away from home and they will need a stable living environment in Sioux Falls.  Billeting is about providing stability and a second home to these young men while they pursue their dreams of furthering their hockey careers to the USHL and/or collegiate level.  As a host family, you have the chance to impact a young athlete’s life and put his and his parents’ concerns of leaving home at ease.  The Sioux Falls Jr Stampede AAA Tier 1 believes that finding the right housing families for these young men is essential to their hockey development and our organization as a whole.

Players on the Sioux Falls Jr Stampede Tier 1 AAA hockey teams are between the ages of 15 and 18.  Part of our commitment to our players and their families is to provide them with a home away from home.  Most players be in high school and will be required to attend school, and they will most likely have their own transportation.

The players often become just like “one of the family.”  Moving away from home, leaving family and friends behind, is a huge step for a young hockey player, and the importance of a stable and friendly host family becomes vital to their development as an athlete, a student, and a person.   A host family essentially becomes the player’s surrogate family.

Players arrive in late August and will remain in Sioux Falls until the end of the hockey season in late March or early April.  When a family volunteers to house a Jr Stampede AAA Tier 1 player, they are required to provide room and board for the player.  This includes providing healthy meals (for either the player or the host family to prepare) and his own bedroom.  Host families are expected to treat the player as “one of the family” and not just a “renter.”  Please note that once accepted as a host family, all family members living in the home that are 18 years old and up will be required to complete a screening process.  In addition, players are expected to be respectful and courteous of the host family’s home rules, cleaning up after themselves and keeping their room/area tidy.

The players are also required to follow all team rules and policies on and off the ice (which will be provided to you).  We expect billet families to uphold and enforce these team rules and policies.  Whenever you have a question or a concern involving a player, please contact our billet coordinator as soon as possible. 

Host families receive a monthly billeting stipend for each player they house to offset expenses.  This is paid directly by the player and monitored by the billet coordinator.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a host family, please contact Tara Tobin at 605-321-0449.  We have players and parents that are anxious to meet their host families and make plans for the fall.


Frequently Asked Questions From Host/Billet Families

Q.  What are the benefits of being a host/billet family?

A.  A new perspective on hockey, as seen through the eyes of your elite player.  A first hand understanding of being a hockey fan, a hockey family and contributor to the growth and development of a young aspiring hockey player.  The opportunity to make a difference in a young man’s life.  Lifelong memories of the experience and an opportunity to watch the growth and pursuits of a player wanting to take their hockey abilities to the highest level. 

Q.  Do we have what it takes to be a billet family?

A.  It is of great importance to the Sioux Falls Jr Stampede AAA Tier 1 hockey program that we place our out-of-town players in a caring, supportive, and stable “family environment.”  Your ability to create a “home away from home” atmosphere for a player is paramount. 

Q.  What makes a wonderful billet family?

A.  A supportive, open, friendly and patient family.  It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from their family and home.  A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique, and that communication and mutual understanding takes effort.  Billet families are those who truly wish to share their home and family with a player.  If your main priority for hosting a player is receiving the monthly payment, then you are not the right fit for our program.  The intended purpose of becoming a host family is to provide a second home.

Q.  Do I have time for a player?

A.  To be a good fit for both the host family and the player, host families must make time and be involved with their player, such as including them in family events, family dinners, and having open communication with them.  Please keep in mind that Sioux Falls Jr. Stampede AAA players will have a rigorous schedule (including on and off ice practices, team meetings, home/away games and tournaments, school, and study time).  Although your player will not be home a lot, he will need quality time with his billet family.

Q.  What does the host family provide?

A.  Must have a separate bedroom for the player (or a shared room for 2 players) furnished with a bed, a place to study and a dresser/and or closet.  The host family is responsible for providing healthy food (either for the player to make for himself or the host family to prepare).  As an elite player, the organization will require that certain nutritional guidelines be followed by the player (we will make sure the host family will have a list of suggested foods and meals).  You must provide a patient, caring, stable and friendly home atmosphere.  Basically, we ask that you provide your player the same attention and guidance you would want for your own children. 

Q.  Can a family host more than one player?

A.  Yes.  Two players can share living quarters, transportation expenses and often times provide camaraderie for one another.

Q.  What are the player’s responsibilities?

A.  As a member of the household, players are expected to show respect and consideration for all host family members.  They are required to follow all household rules as well as share in the daily chores, maintain their own area and do their own laundry.  We have a team “Code of Conduct” that the players must abide by while playing for the Sioux Falls Jr Stampede, and the host family is expected to enforce such rules.  These rules cover areas such as:  curfew, social gatherings, school attendance, etc.

Q.  Is there compensation to the host family?

A.  Yes, families receive a monthly stipend for each player. 

Q.  Will we be responsible for providing transportation to practices, games, or tournaments?

A.  No

Q.  Our children are grown and do not live with us, can we be a host family?

A.  Yes.  Host families can be 2 parent families, single parent families, or empty nesters.

Q.  What other items will be the responsibility of the player?

A.  Players are required to provide their own personal care items, cell phones, and computers.  Players must obey all house and team rules and show respect and consideration towards all family members.  They will take care of their own belongings, laundry, ironing, dishes and clean up after themselves.  Your generosity will not be taken for granted.

Q.  Who pays if a player is injured or needs medical attention during his stay?

A.  All players must have medical insurance from their own families.  Billet parents are never responsible for medical payments of the player.

Q.  Will we have to pass a background check?

A.  Yes, the Sioux Falls Jr Stampede organization requires background screenings for billet families.

Q.  Is the Host Family responsible for their player’s education?

A.  Yes and no.  The player is responsible for letting their teachers know if they will be missing school due to hockey and they are responsible for their education.  Host families are not responsible for a player’s grades but are responsible for contacting the school when the player is sick.  Host families must report any absences from school, unrelated to the hockey season, to the Player Housing & Academics Coordinator.